gcnc_deprecated_cd_photoOur debut album DEPRECATED has been released by Unexplained Sounds Group.
DEPRECATED is the result of a residency at studio Klangendum inside WORM in Rotterdam (NL). During this residency we explored the realm of broken, obsolete and unwanted sounds and experimented with various classic synths (a.o. ARP 2500, Serge), combined with bicycle wheels, guitars, radios and audio programming environment SuperCollider.

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good cop / naughty cop make instant electronic compositions with self-programmed software and self-made controllers.
They look for ways to accomplish a physical approach towards electronic music (and in particular realtime synthesis). They use stuff like bicycles, radios, FM transmitters and little solar cell synths in their performances. The music – sometimes described as ‘improvised noise ambient’ – is influenced by the music and ideas of artists like John Cage, Tim Hecker, John Zorn and Captain Beefheart. Current members are composer / sound artist Sjoerd Leijten and ambient producer / pianist Patrick Bossink.

Performance at Radio Resistencia, Berlin. Video by Vesna Faassen. Video material that is used in the performance is from the movie Fast Nacht by de man en de vos

Video preview of ‘Piece for Two Bicycle Wheels, Two Guitars & Two Beamers’ with former gc / nc member Zac Stibbs

‘a naughty little impro’ has been created for the Pre-Delay series curated by Igor Muroni from the NABA Sound institute in Milan:

live session @Kwikfiets

live in MenoMale with space chicks in trouble

live session @Lazzaretto, Bologna with space chick in trouble

Supercollider and Arduino code can be found here